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As a business owner it is always tempting to look for the magic bullet, so it’s no surprise when I am asked by business owners whether an app would be a good idea. Now of course, as the number of consumers accessing online information through their mobile devices rapidly grows beyond 50%, it would sound like a no-brainer, but…

Call me a killjoy, my answer is once again “back to basics”!

The famous 5 profits multipliers are the main 5 areas where you can increase your business revenue:

1)      Getting more leads

2)      Getting more conversions into clients

3)      Increasing your average sale value

4)      Increasing the number of repeat sales with existing clients

5)      G

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OK you’ve built up a great database with thousands of existing and potential clients. You have gone as far as getting your web person to design a fantastic looking email template, with branding trumpets blazing and you are eagerly watching the results.
So when you realise that your opening rate is only 17% and that no action has ensued from your newsletter, you are ready to take it personally. Many will lose motivation at this point and decide that newsletters don’t work regardless of how professional they look.
Others will keep doing it as a habit because they have heard at seminars that you have to keep in touch with past, present and future clients. This is true, but there are many ways to remain “top of the mind”, some work but most of

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Adwords confusionIf you have taken any interest in marketing your business through the internet over the past few years, no doubt you will have seen rapid increase in the number companies from all over the world pitching their miracle pay per click system in your inbox.
In a few cases I have been contacted by business owners after they made a 12 months commitment, paid up front, and were starting to question their own decision, as their confidence in the so called expe

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Four days ago Google released an update that will affect searches for local businesses. This new algorithm is already known to have triggered some changes both in the google map search rankings and the google web search rankings.

Although Google are not about to reveal exactly what the changes are, we will likely see ranking alterations for businesses that currently rely on their organic positioning for web referrals, traffic and ultimately, paying customers.

The algorithm is thought to seek further accuracy, delving deeper into traditional web ranking signals like Knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and hundreds more. One of the aspects revealed by google is that the update improves their distance and location ranking pa

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You often don’t know how they crept into your inbox but here it is, every day the obvious solution to all your business problems lays in this magic software, strategy or internet traffic secret.

Immediately you feel silly for working so hard when the key to “more clients than you can take” has been hiding in this genius tool and you should have been looking for it!

So why is it not easy to just clone the expert’s ninja strategy and voilà, get the results?

Well just think about all the variables. Internet gurus have tested their magic bullet with a certain audience and for a particular product. Because they got to know their client list so well, they finally hit the jackpot.

As we jump like a butterfly from one shiny object to the

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